About MO K-8:
The Missouri K-8 Association exists to preserve the integrity of K-8 school districts in Missouri by sharing common resources, improving efficiency, and expanding opportunities through collaborative efforts.

We believe that Missouri K-8 school districts provide unique opportunities for all students to be included in all school activities, thus enhancing their confidence and feelings of self-worth.  We further believe that Missouri K-8 districts are in a position whereby they can enhance the development of the total child; to meet every child’s educational, social, emotional, and physical need.

Constitution and By-Laws
The Missouri K-8 School Association invites you to become a member again this year.  The Missouri K-8 Association was organized to advocate for and support all Missouri K-8 schools and includes lobbying efforts geared towards the unique circumstances and features exclusive to Missouri K-8 districts.  Being a member of the association provides an opportunity for the administrators to collaborate with fellow educators who also deal with small school issues.  Without argument, no other state education association directly and exclusively advocates for only K-8 schools.